Deadend Times - Episode:24 - Photoshoots

On this episode of Deadend Times we feature two really cool rides! The first is Jose Martinez' 1959 Chevy El Camino. Jose actually won the '59 from a giveaway done by the great people at "Lost Angel Children's Project." Aaron Valencia and LACP help youth learn skills and expand their creativity. Each year Aaron and the kids build a custom car to give away at the Ventura Nationals and help raise money to fund the program. Please make sure to support them and donate if you are able. They really are doing some really positive things for the youth in Southern California. Jose has already started personalizing his El Camino. He added lake pipes and installed an air ride system to give the car a smoother ride and lower stance. He plans to continue to customize and personalize his ride even more.
The second car we feature is one of the most iconic traditional styled custom cars ever built. It is a 1936 Ford Coupe owned by Metallica's lead guitarist Kirk Hammett. A few years ago Kirk had Cole Foster of Salinas Boys Customs build the '36. It started life as a 5 window coupe but Cole chopped the top and converted it to a 3 window coupe. The list of custom touches and modifications is too long for us to detail here. But just looking at it you can see why this coupe is one of the most influential and recognized custom cars ever.

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